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Dramatic rescues as torrential rainstorm hits Greek capital

A woman is rescued from floodwaters by a man standing on top of her car during heavy rain in the Chalandri suburb, north of Athens, Greece, on Feb. 22, 2013.John Kolesidis / Reuters
The woman had become stuck as water engulfed her car.John Kolesidis / Reuters
The woman is carried to safety after being rescued.John Kolesidis / Reuters
An employee of the Greek Parliament hangs precariously after falling through the glass roof of the Greek Parliament Hall while trying to prevent rain water leaking into the building, in Athens on Feb. 22, 2013.Pantelis Saitas / EPA
People stand on a bench at a bus station during a heavy storm in Athens on Feb. 22, 2013.Simela Pantzartzi / EPA

A heavy rainstorm in the Athens region on Friday morning flooded streets in the Greek capital and interrupted transport on land and sea. In the suburb of Chalandri, a woman had to be rescued from her car as raging torrents of water engulfed the vehicle.

A worker at the Greek parliament had to be rescued after she crashed through the glass roof of the building while trying to stop a leak. The woman found herself hanging through a broken panel in the roof and was slightly injured, according to local reports cited by Xinhua.

-- The European Pressphoto Agency and Reuters contributed to this report