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Enormous wave dwarfs surfer Garrett McNamara along coast of Portugal

Tó Mané / Barcroft Media via Landov

Surfer Garrett McNamara catches what could be the largest wave ever surfed, off the coast of Nazare, Portugal, on Jan. 29. The estimated 100-foot wave, if confirmed, would beat the current world record of 78 feet, which McNamara has held since 2011. According to

Garrett McNamara traveled from Hawaii and hit the water with Kealii Mamala - with whom he surfed waves generated by glacier blocks in Alaska - Kamaki Worthington and Hugo Vau, as their support team on the jet ski. The conditions in Nazaré were heavenly perfect. Light southern winds and strong swell coming from northwest and hitting the local canyon as it should.

Judges with Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards will work to determine the actual size of the wave.

VIDEO: McNamara rides massive wave in Portugal

McNamara's surfing skills developed when his family moved to Hawaii from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, when he was 11 years old. As a professional big wave surfer, he regularly seeks out the largest waves in the world.

"It's like riding a moving mountain," said McNamara to TODAY after he broke the last world record in 2011. Watch the video.

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