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Kim Jong Un gets to grips with North Korean army's latest technology

KCNA via Reuters
Kim Jong Un looks at the latest combat and technical equipment made by unit 1501 of the Korean People's Army, during his visit to the unit on March 24, 2013.KCNA via Reuters
KCNA via Reuters

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un got some hands-on experience of his military's latest high-tech equipment during a visit to a Korean People's Army unit on Sunday.

Kim, the third of his line to rule North Korea, also praised musical instruments made by the North's 1.2 million-strong army, state news agency KCNA reported.

Meanwhile, South Korean security experts say the North has been training a team of computer-savvy "cyber warriors" as cyberspace becomes a fertile battleground in the nations' rivalry. 

-- Reuters, The Associated Press

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Kim Jong Un holds a gun as he inspects the second battalion under the Korean People's Army Unit 1973, honored with the title ofKCNA via Reuters