Military airplane makes heart symbol in sky over Cairo

An Egyptian protester flashes v signs for military aircraft forming a heart-shaped trails in the sky over Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt on Friday. Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood called for a wave of protests Friday, furious over the military's ouster of its president and arrest of its revered leader and other top figures, underlining the touchy issue of what role the fundamentalist Islamist movement might play in the new regime. Amr Nabil / AP

Ghazi Balkiz, Ayman Mohyeldin and Charlene Gubash of NBC News report:

Nine people were reported dead in clashes across the country, according to Egypt’s Ministry of Health. Hundreds more were injured.

Thousands of pro-Morsi demonstrators marched on the October 6 Bridge over the Nile after a speech from Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie in which he demanded Morsi’s reinstatement.