Morsi supporters injured in clash with military in Egypt

An officer of the Egyptian Army orders an Egyptian man to step away from barbed wire in front of the headquarters of the Egyptian Republican Guard in Nasr City on July 5, in Cairo, Egypt. A number of protesters were reported killed after Egyptian soldiers opened fire on the supporters of former Egyptian president, They had marched on the headquarters of the Republican Guard after midday prayers at a nearby mosque, after it was rumored that the deposed Morsi, was being held under arrest by the military inside the Republican Guard headquarters in Cairo. Ed Giles / Getty Images
Mohammed Saber / EPA
Protesters who support former Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi carry an injured man during clashes outside the Republican Guard building in Cairo July 5. Louafi Larbi / Reuters
Violence erupts in Egypt as Morsi supporters rally 2:22

By Ghazi Balkiz, Ayman Mohyeldin and Charlene Gubash, NBC News

CAIRO - About 15 people were injured during clashes Friday between Egypt’s military and supporters of Mohammed Morsi outside the barracks where the ousted Islamist president is believed to be detained.

Some of the wounded being treated near the scene appeared to have been hit by shotgun fire. NBC News journalists saw people with injuries to their face and torso.

The violence broke out after about 6,000 people who had been protesting outside Cairo’s Rabia al Adawiya Mosque marched toward the Republican Guard headquarters, where Morsi is rumored to have been held since being deposed by the military on Wednesday.

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