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One family's panoramic view of Typhoon Haiyan's destruction

By Victor Limjoco, Producer, NBC News

ESTANCIA, Philippines -- A heavy rain falls on this devastated fishing town early on a Sunday morning, and 20-year-old Queennie Lucio hasn’t really slept. She looks upwards, gripping her young brother tightly, as water streams into the living room through a car-sized hole in the roof.

“We’re trying to be strong,” she says. But recovering from Typhoon Haiyan -- which made its fifth landfall here as it tore westward through the Philippine Islands almost two weeks ago -- has been grueling. Ninety percent of the houses here were damaged or destroyed, according to the mayor. About 100 local people died, mostly fisherman desperately trying to save their fishing boats, their livelihoods.

Queennie frequently flashes back to the harrowing moments when her family escaped;  floodwaters up to their waists, they waded to higher ground carrying her invalid grandfather. Surveying her rain-drenched belongings, she almost cries. “It’s not normal,” she says. “I hate what happened.” Read the full story and see videos about Queennie and her family by clicking on the links below.