Singaporean Woman Reunited with Son After ‘McRefugee’ Story

Image: Mary Seow
Mary Seow poses in front of a 24-hour McDonald’s branch on Nov. 20, 2015. Seow, a Singaporean woman who went missing nearly five years ago, has been reunited with her son after her plight was reported in an Associated Press story about people who sleep at 24-hour McDonald's outlets in Hong Kong. Vincent Yu / AP

After Associated Press reported about the “McRefugee” story in Hong Kong, a Singaporean woman was identified by her family members. Her son flew to Hong Kong and reunited with her.

Image: Mary Seow
Mary Seow holds a boarding pass after she checked in with her son, in the background carrying a backpack, at the airport in Hong Kong, Saturday, Nov. 21. Seow flies back to Singapore with her 28-year-old son, Edward Goh. Vincent Yu / AP

Mary Seow had lost contact with her family for almost five years. Seow told AP that she was swindled by some people from China whom she met at a church in Singapore. They then persuaded her to sell her house and join them to invest the money in their transport business in mainland China. Later it turned out to be a scam.

Seow stayed in China and tried to earn back some money, including by working as a street sweeper. She eventually ended up in Hong Kong, where she has spent the past three months living on the streets.

Image: Mary Seow
Mary Seow sits at a 24-hour McDonald’s branch where she began sleeping about four weeks ago after she noticed others doing it in Hong Kong, Friday, Nov. 20. Vincent Yu / AP

Seow felt mortified about having lost the family home. "I feel happy and I feel a bit of guilty conscience," she told AP.