Report: Cocaine found inside Whitney Houston’s hotel room

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters file

On March 22, an L.A. Coroner's autopsy report confirmed that traces of cocaine were found in Whitney Houston's system after her Feb. 11 death.

On Friday, TMZ has learned that the powdery white substance was also present in the late singer's Beverly Hills hotel room, where she was found submerged under water inside a bathtub the evening before the 2012 Grammys. (The autopsy ruled Houston's main cause of death as an accidental drowning.)

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The site writes, "As for the quantity of cocaine that was found, official documents show one of the items police recovered was 'white, powdery remnants.' Sources tell us the powder was tested and it's cocaine."

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On March 23, Leolah Brown (Houston's ex-husband Bobby Brown's sister) went on CNN's "Headline News" where she told Dr. Drew that Ray J should be held responsible for the cocaine evidence.

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After Leolah accused Houston's man friend as a "runner boy," his rep released a statement on his behalf, calling her remarks, "rife with false statements."

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