Rihanna’s dad called her fat, praises ‘nice’-guy Chris Brown

Rihanna's father, Ronald Fenty, has nothing but praise for Chris Brown. Ben Stansall / AFP - Getty Images

If you've ever wondered why Rihanna's had a rocky relationship with her father over the years, a new interview with her dad might offer a couple of clues about his parenting approach.

In the upcoming issue of Heat magazine, Ronald Fenty, aka Rihanna's sometimes-estranged father, explained how he feels about Chris Brown three years after the singer assaulted his daughter.

''Chris is a nice guy, and everybody's entitled to make mistakes in their life," Fenty said in an excerpt from the interview published to the New York Post. "God knows how many I've made."

According to Rihanna, some of Fenty's past mistakes involved domestic violence against her mother, which could explain his forgiving nature toward Brown. As for Rihanna's forgiving nature toward Brown, evidenced by their recent musical reunion, dad thinks that's just fine, too.

He told Heat, "She's her own woman now."

And at one point, just few months ago, Fenty found himself worrying about just how much of a woman she was.

"I actually thought she was a little fat the last time I saw her," the not-so-sensitive father said.

But if Rihanna worries about what Fenty thinks of looks now (and really, here's hoping she doesn't), she can rest assured that he approved of what he saw on the Grammys telecast.

"When I saw her at this year's Grammys, I thought she was back to her normal size," Fenty stated. "I used to joke with her, 'Robyn, you're getting too fat.' But I think she's fine. I think she looked excellent, as everyone saw, at the Grammys. She's dieting; she's working out."

And she's probably happy not hear any more of those "too fat" jokes dad so fondly recalls.

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