Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Dictator’ threatens Matt Lauer’s family, promotes film

Admiral General Shabazz Aladeen had no qualms about being interviewed by TODAY's Matt Lauer on Monday. He made sure that Lauer's family was being taken care of, just in case things didn't go the way he liked. "By the way, how are your family? ... How is your wife Annette?" he asked at the top of the interview. "What is she doing now?"

"She's probably watching this interview," said Lauer.

"Incorrect!" said Aladeen, pulling a swatch of brown locks from his pocket. "Is this her hair?"

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Fortunately, it's all an act -- a very funny one, as General Aladeen is actually Sacha Baron Cohen, promoting his new film "The Dictator." He was escorted to the TODAY studios in grand fashion, emerging from a stretch limo with a handful of guards -- short-skirted, beret-sporting ladies wielding fake machine guns. He then proceeded to kiss folks in the plaza and staged a bloodless coup in the control room. So he was all warmed up by the time Lauer sat him down for a chat.

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Here's what you need to know about his country, Wadiya: "It is 1300 miles from Tel Aviv as the SCUD flies," he said. "It has a population of 4 million, but obviously that figure changes depending on my mood."

The General is also a love machine, at least according to himself: He's had relations with Megan Fox, Katy Perry and Oprah. "No relationships, just sex activity," he said.

And as for his infamous Oscar red carpet experience, where he spilled ashes reportedly from late Korean dictator Kim Jong-il on Ryan Seacrest? All a misunderstanding. "It was not Kim Jong-il's ashes," said Aladeen, who then went into a long explanation about how Jong-il was actually consumed by his "fat son" and became "Kim Jong-Yum."

So after the veiled threats about his family and discussion of bombs in the air and ash-spilling, did Lauer and The Dictator part as friends? Undoubtedly -- Aladeen would have it no other way, raising the back of his hand for a kiss, which Lauer bestowed.

"(My movie) will be released next Wednesday," said Aladeen. "As for your family, let's see."

"The Dictator" opens May 16.

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