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Baltimore Ravens Owner Regrets Not Asking for Full Rice Video

With the fallout from the Ray Rice elevator video, Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti said he wishes he asked Rice's lawyer for the full video.
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The Baltimore Ravens cut disgraced running back Ray Rice this week after a longer video surfaced of him attacking his now-wife in a casino elevator. Now, Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti says he's regretful he didn't think to ask about a complete video sooner and for letting down fans.

Initially, only part of the video was seen by the team and the NFL, officials said, but it didn't show the entire incident. Bisciotti said Thursday he should have pressed Rice and his lawyer for more footage. “We could have said, ‘You’ve got to give it to us or you’re not playing for us. We have to see this whole thing,” Bisciotti told NBC affiliate WBAL.

Rice initially pleaded not guilty to a third-degree charge of aggravated assault in the February incident and was given probation. In July, the league decided to suspend him for only two games this season. But with the release of the newer footage, he has been suspended indefinitely from the NFL. Bisciotti said Ravens officials should have been more aggressive about getting the complete video and regrets disappointing fans by only booting Rice this week. “We did what we thought was right. Was it late? Yeah. Do we wish we could do it over again? Yeah, we really do,” Bisciotti said. “But better late than never.”



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