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Baseball streaming map: Which teams are blacked out near you?

Baseball's broadcast rules mean that cord-cutters are blocked from watching their local teams.

Major League Baseball’s 2021 season gets underway Thursday, which means another year of home runs, stolen bases, and for cord-cutters another season of hunting for the best way to stream their favorite team’s games.

MLB, like the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League, offers a streaming service that allows fans to stream games over the internet. But the catch is that fans are prohibited from viewing games of any team inside their local broadcast market. And those “local” markets are expansive, meaning fans in Hawaii are blocked from watching San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Angels games, while Seattle Mariners games are blacked out in Alaska.

If you’re blacked out, your only official options are to sign up for cable or hope one of the competitor streaming networks, like Sling TV or YouTube TV, carries your team’s regional sports network.

See which teams you’re blocked from viewing on the map below.