Taylor Swift, LL Cool J share adorkable hip-hop performance of ‘Mean’

There's a fine line between charming and cheesy -- so let's just say what Taylor Swift and LL Cool J did at Wednesday night's Grammy nominations show was adorkable. 

Taylor Swift shows off her beatboxing skills

The co-hosts took the stage at "The Grammy Nominations Concert Live!" and joked for a minute with the audience; LL told Swift if they were going to do any kind of duet she'd have to "do the beatbox."

"This is going to be terrible -- I'm only doing this for you," she told him.

"Look, I can't sing, so we're even," he said.

And off she went, making mouth noises and flapping her arm while LL rapped a few seconds of her Grammy-winning hit "Mean."

"I am like 100 percent sure we are not going to be nominated for that collaboration," she said when they were done.

However you look at it, it was a good night for Swift, who earned a nomination for her song "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" and two more for "Safe & Sound," which she shares with The Civil Wars. If she wins all three at the Feb. 10 show, she'll have 10 total Grammy awards. (LL wasn't eligible for any awards this year, and has two of his own.)

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