Tom Hanks bribed into an interview with vintage typewriter

"This is my FINGER! I use it to TYPE!" Robyn Beck / AFP - Getty Images file

Landing an A-lister for an interview is typically a long, drawn-out affair that involves publicists, logistics, and countless back-and-forths before actually getting the person in question locked in to a date. But that was not the case recently with Tom Hanks, America's most genuinely affable actor.

When Nerdist Podcast host Chris Hardwick wanted to book Hanks for a show, he appealed to the actor's affinity for vintage typewriters, and sent Hanks a 1934 Smith Corona typewriter along with a typed invitation to come on the podcast.

Hanks typed a response in return (below).

And herewith, the resulting podcast. Which, not surprisingly, is great (and includes very specific references to "The Brady Brunch," a pitch for "Replacement Refs: The Movie," space travel and more).

Tom Hanks: you remain the most fun celebrity out there. We thank you for that.

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