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Waco Biker Brawl: Scores Arrested After Shootout at Twin Peaks Bar

Nine people were killed and 18 injured.
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At least 170 people were arrested after a deadly biker brawl at a sports bar in Texas and were being held Monday on $1 million bond on charges of engaging in organized crime, according to police and court records.

Nine people were killed and 18 others were injured in the brawl Sunday afternoon. The dead were all members of the rival Bandidos and Cossacks gangs, police told The Associated Press.

The restaurant, Twin Peaks, will be able to reopen, but it will not have a liquor license for seven days, Waco police Sgt. Patrick Swanton said.

"I hope that they have the courtesy that they will use this as a cooling-off period and not be open for business," Swanton said, but he added that police didn't have control over when the eatery opened its doors again. The Twin Peaks chain has revoked the location's franchise altogether.

Fighting spilled out of the restaurant and escalated from fists to chains, clubs, knives and gunfire. Five biker gangs were involved, and the bikers exchanged fire with police. The 18 people who were injured suffered stab wounds, shooting wounds and blunt force trauma, Swanton said. Some were both stabbed and shot, he added.

Swanton told reporters that 170 bikers were being booked into the county jail, and he said the number could rise. Earlier, he gave a figure of 192. He said the charges could be upgraded, up to capital murder.

Swanton said it still wasn't clear how many people had been shot by police and how many by bikers.

A spokeswoman for county prosecutors declined to release additional information.

Twin Peaks, in a statement, faulted the bar's management and said it was immediately canceling the franchise agreement.

The management team "chose to ignore the warnings and advice from both the police and our company, and did not uphold the high security standards we have in place to ensure everyone is safe at our restaurants," the chain said.

Swanton also admonished the restaurant for not heeding warnings from police. "We asked for assistance to keep this from happening, and we didn't get that," he said.

Swanton said that police had been monitoring the restaurant for two months and that 22 officers, in uniform, were monitoring the location before the violence broke out Sunday. "We were well seen. They could care less whether we were here or not," he said.

Gang members spilled into Waco on Sunday night in response to the incident, and there was a "green light" to harm law enforcement, Swanton said. He said officers had "layers" of protection Monday to protect them against potential attacks by gang members.