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3-Year-Old Cellphone Expert Helps Police in Own Rescue

Aiden Barrios knew the password to his mom's cellphone, so he was able to answer a call from Utah police looking for him in an abandoned stolen car.

A Utah woman is thrilled that her 3-year-old son figured out the password to her cellphone after the boy was able to answer a call from police looking for the car he was in when it was stolen and abandoned Tuesday.

Ogden police called Aiden Barrios a hero and named him an honorary Junior Police Officer for the day after he honked the horn at the request of an officer while he sat in his mom's 2012 Mazda 3, alerting police to where he was. Elizabeth Barrios told NBC station KSL of Salt Lake City that her son was able to get the instructions because he not only knew how to answer her cellphone — which she'd left with him in the running car while she made a quick stop — but he even knew her password.

"I'm so glad we found him as fast as we did," said Barrios, who said she would never again leave her car running during quick stops. "Just be very careful. Even if you don't think it can happen to you, it can. It can."



— M. Alex Johnson