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4-year-old rescued after falling down 44-foot Texas well

The young boy fell down nine feet of a 44-foot deep well hole in Garceno, Texas, and was rescued after an hours-long operation that involved a vacuum.

A four-year-old boy was rescued after falling down a 44-foot deep well in Garceño, Texas, according to authorities.

Image: Boy falls down well
A 4-year-old boy who fell down a 44-foot well while walking with his parents was rescued by first responders in Mission, Texas.City of Mission

The city of Mission, Texas posted a video of the moment the boy was pulled from the ground by rescuers, calling it a "Christmas Miracle." The nearly six-hour operation ended after midnight on Wednesday.

The Starr County Sheriff's office told NBC News on Thursday that the boy fell down nine of the well hole's 44 feet of depth; the city of Mission, Texas said that the pit was only 8 to 10 inches in diameter.

Fire departments from the Starr County cities of Edinburg, McAllen and La Rosita responded to the call for assistance, said Robert Alvarez, the assistant fire chief of Mission, Texas.

"Everybody pitched in," Alvarez told NBC affiliate KVEO-TV, "whatever needed to be done."

The boy is currently recovering in stable condition at a hospital in Edinburg, Texas.