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Adele praises fan for pronouncing her name 'perfectly,' revealing many have been saying it wrong for years

The famed singer appeared shocked by a fan's perfect pronunciation of her name at a recent Q&A event in Los Angeles.
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/ Source: TODAY

Singer Adele is setting the record straight on how to pronounce her name.

At a recent Q&A event in Los Angeles, the singer debuted her new music video, “I Drink Wine” and chatted with her fans.

One British fan submitted a question via video and before answering, Adele was shocked at the perfect pronunciation of her name.

“Where’s she from, Enfield?” she laughed, citing a North London town near her hometown of Tottenham. “She said my name perfectly.”

She explained to the host of the event, Benito Skinner aka Benny Drama, that fans have typically referred to her as “uh-dell.”

The singer went on to say she prefers a slight lilt at the end of her name so that it is pronounced “uh-dehwl.” The pronunciation is more in line with her North London accent.

The London-based fan who nailed the pronunciation had asked about the singer’s “journey to self-love while writing ‘30’” — her most recent album.

“On ‘25’ (album released in 2015) I was very in control of my life. I’d just had my son, it was very much 9-to-5. I’d go to the studio and stuff like that...I felt very very safe and in safe hands within my private life,” she said. “On ‘30,’ I just had to accept I had no idea what I was doing, I had no control over my life and I had to ride the wave.”

She added that she’d felt like “a bad person” while she was working on her latest album, which came after her divorce from Simon Konecki.

“I felt like a weak person. But I knew...the only thing that I wanted to do, the thing that got me out of bed really, was knowing I’m going to the studio.”

“I guess I fell pretty far down in my estimations of myself when I was working on it,” she concluded. “But then, by the end, through all the hard work and patience, I restored my faith in myself.”