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Ahmadenijad's most memorable quotes

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's two-term presidency will end officially in early August when the victor of Friday's election takes office, but many of his pronouncements over the last eight years will surely linger in memories of Iranians and world citizens alike.

Here's a look back at some of Ahmadinejad's most memorable statements and appearances.

Questioning the Holocaust.

Ahmadinejad has called the Holocaust a myth numerous times, but in 2009, representatives of several nations walked out of the United Nations' General Assembly because of his remarks: "They (the Western powers) launched the myth of the Holocaust. They lied, they put on a show and then they support the Jews."

Earlier, in October 2006, NBC's Brian Williams interviewed Ahmadinejad and asked about some of his statements. The Iranian president said he wanted to use a "scientific approach" when analyzing the logistics of the Holocaust.

There are no gay people in Iran.

After a speech at Columbia University in September 2007, Ahmadinejad took questions from the crowd. One audience member asked why Iran executes gay citizens. He responded: “In Iran, we don't have homosexuals, like in your country. We don't have that in our country. In Iran, we do not have this phenomenon. I don't know who's told you that we have it."

Israel will be eliminated.

Ahmadinejad frequently talks about how Israel should be eliminated or "wiped off the map."

At a 2006 conference held in Iran in support of Palestinians he said: "The existence of the Zionist regime is tantamount to an imposition of an unending and unrestrained threat so that none of the nations and Islamic countries of the region and beyond can feel secure from its threat."

Iranian women should marry young.

In 2004, Iran’s parliament changed the legal age of "acceptable marriage" from nine to 14, Reuters reported. This was widely accepted as an improvement to the former policy, and President Ahmadinejad’s got even more specific on his own recommendations.

"The best age for marriage is between 16 to 18 for girls and 19 to 21 for boys," he said.

Americans created HIV to loot African nations.

Ahmadinejad questioned why African countries suffer from so many deadly diseases. His conclusion? "It is obvious that the African countries must be plundered of their wealth and resources. The major powers and despots are behind the development of these diseases so they could then sell their drugs and medical equipment to the poor countries."

The reasons for 9/11.

In 2011, at perhaps his most noted United Nations appearance, Ahmadinejad said “the mysterious September 11 incident” was used as a precursor to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

"By using their imperialistic media network which is under the influence of colonialism they threaten anyone who questions the Holocaust and the September 11 event with sanctions and military actions," he said at the meeting.

About 30 U.N. members, including those from the U.S., European Union, New Zealand, Australia, and Somalia, walked out after his remarks.

He even earned a parody.

And, of course, who could forget Saturday Night Live’s tribute to Ahmadinejad in Andy Samberg’s digital short “Iran So Far” featuring Maroon 5's Adam Levine?

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