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Airline Releases Child to Wrong Person

A young girl flying as an unaccompanied minor is reunited with her father after an airline releases her to the wrong person. KPRC's Keith Garvin reports.

A Cincinnati father has been reunited with his daughter after her trip to visit relatives in Houston ended with the airline handing off the 7-year-old girl to the wrong person.

Angelina Butler, 7, was greeted at the airport and taken by her mother, 39-year-old Jennifer Lopez. But Lopez was freshly out of prison for beating Angelina's father six years ago, the last time the mother and father saw one another.

The airline handed over Angelina over to her mother even though another relative was on the list to pick up the child.

In a statement to NBC affiliate KPRC, a Delta spokesperson said the airline is "conducting its own investigation into what transpired at Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport last week. Delta's unaccompanied minor handling protocols are thorough and we will be looking to see if procedures were properly followed in this instance."

After being reunited with his daughter, Butler said he'll stick around town for a few more days to handle legal issues related to the case. He said he then plans to head back to Ohio with his daughter.

— NBC News