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Alabama State Trooper Stops Speeding Car, Ends Up Delivering Baby

When an Alabama State Trooper performed a routine traffic stop over the weekend, he didn't expect he would be helping with the delivery of a baby boy.

When an Alabama state trooper performed a routine traffic stop over the weekend, he couldn't have expected he would help with the delivery of a baby boy.

The trooper, Michael Kesler, pulled over a vehicle for speeding Sunday in Limestone County and quickly realized that the woman sitting in the passenger seat was in labor "and about to deliver the baby," according to a statement from Alabama's secretary of law enforcement Spencer Collier.

"Without hesitation, Trooper Kesler quickly acted and assisted new dad, Danny Lowe, in the delivery of the baby," Collier said.

"She pushed, and I caught him," said Lowe, according to NBC affiliate WAFF. "That's pretty much how it went."

Today Trooper Michael Kesler stopped a vehicle for speeding and ended up delivering a baby. Trooper Kesler stopped by to deliver gifts and visit with the proud new parents in Limestone County, Alabama on Feb. 7.Alabama Law Enforcement Agency

Kesler helped keep the baby warm, and made sure that mom, Shawna, dad and baby — 6-pound, 19.5-inch Barrett Lowe — got to the hospital, according to Collier's statement. He even went another step further and stopped at the store to pick up flowers, cupcakes and a newborn starter kit to deliver to the new parents at the hospital.

"Trooper Kesler's actions today exemplify the mission of the Alabama State Troopers — to serve and protect. I want to personally commend Trooper Kesler for his swift actions and going above and beyond the call of duty," Collier said.