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Another Amazon Web Services outage disrupts Facebook, DoorDash, Hulu

Last week, Disney+, Netflix and Slack experienced issues due to another outage.

Amazon's Web Services experienced an outage Wednesday causing connection issues all over the country, just over a week after another Amazon outage disrupted major streaming platforms and other websites., a website that tracks internet issues based on consumer complaints, showed issues with a wide range of websites including Hulu, DoorDash, Slack and Facebook.

In an email at about 9 a.m., DoorDash said, “We were impacted by the AWS outage for a brief period of time this morning. We’re back up and running now across all regions.”

The food ordering site was experiencing issues at the height of lunch-ordering hour on the East Coast.

“We are investigating Internet connectivity issues to the US-WEST-2 Region,” said an update on Amazon Web Services’ status page at 7:42 a.m. PT.

At 7:52, a status update said "We are investigating Internet connectivity issues to the US-WEST-1 Region."

At 8:01, the "root cause" of the outages was identified, and an update said Amazon Web Services was seeing "some improvement."

The US-WEST-1 Region outage was resolved at 8:10, and the US-WEST-2 Region was resolve at 8:14, according to Amazon Web Services.

The outage was in only two of Amazon’s 26 geographic regions but affected systems that are relied upon across the U.S., an Amazon spokesperson said.

Last week, Disney+, Netflix, Slack, stock trading app Robinhood and cryptocurrency exchange site Coinbase were among the sites reporting issues.