Amish Die In Crash With Cement Truck in Pennsylvania

Three members of an Amish community in Pennsylvania, including a pregnant woman whose child could not be saved, are dead after the van they were riding in pulled in front of the path of a cement truck Monday, authorities said.

Emmanuel Esh, 73, and his brother, Melvin Esh, 66, died after the 3:15 p.m. accident in York County, and a third passenger, Elizabeth Esh, 22, died from her injuries at around 4 a.m. Monday, NBC station WGAL reported. Elizabeth Esh was pregnant, and her child was stillborn, the station reported.

The group was returning from a funeral when the crash occurred, authorities told the station. No charges have yet been filed against the driver hired to transport the group, Connie Lally, but Pennsylvania State Trooper Robert Hicks told the station, "it is pretty clear that the driver of the van was at fault for this crash pulling out in front of the concrete truck."