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Anaheim police investigating viral video of violent Disneyland brawl

Three minutes after a bystander started recording video of the fight, security arrived.
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Police in Anaheim, California, said Monday they are considering whether to file criminal charges against members of a family who were caught on video in a prolonged brawl at Disneyland on Saturday.

A bystander's video of the fight, which broke out against the backdrop of Disneyland's colorful and whimsical Toontown, has gone viral since it was posted on YouTube, racking up more than 900,000 views by Monday afternoon.

The Anaheim Police Department said in a statement Monday that it responded to the park, and found everyone involved in the melee was part of the same family. They were all uncooperative with police, and were escorted from the park, but didn't face charges because they "wanted nothing done," police said.

Officers were not aware of video footage of the incident at the time, but now that it has surfaced, police said detectives are "following up to see who did what and if there is the potential for filing criminal charges."

When the video begins, a man in a red shirt and a woman in a white shirt are yelling at each other next to a stroller with two children in it. She appears to spit in his face, and then he hits her several times in the face.

She wheels the stroller over to someone, and says “hold my daughters.” Then, the man in the red shirt and another man begin to fist-fight. Several other people get involved, including a woman in a tan tank top who is hit by one of the men, and a woman in an electric wheelchair, who stands up.

The man in the red shirt then begins pulling on the hair of the woman in the white shirt.

Children can be heard crying in the background, as someone yells, “Call security.”

The woman in the white shirt and the woman in the tan shirt begin to fight near the woman who was in the wheelchair, who falls to the ground in the midst of their brawl.

The woman in the tan tank and another woman help her up, as the man in the red shirt again starts hitting the woman in the white shirt, and eventually pulls her down to the ground.

Some bystanders, including a park cleaning attendant, try to intervene, but can't stop the chaos.

Then, the man in the red shirt accuses the woman in the tan tank top of hitting his mother, and punches her in the face, repeatedly hitting her before several men drag him away.

Several staff members, including security, arrive more than three minutes after the violence broke out, and the family members eventually disperse.

A tweet from Disneyland said park officials could not offer information about the incident, but "the safety of our Cast and Guests remains our priority."