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Apparent social media stunt leads to more than a dozen arrests in Miami

The suspects, who blocked an intersection while making donuts in the center, are believed to be part of a “car club” that organized stunts around the area.

Drivers who were seen on video blocking traffic by making donuts in the center of an intersection led to more than a dozen arrests Friday night in Miami Beach.

The suspects are believed to be part of a “car club” that organized similar stunts in Miramar before moving to Dade, Miami, and Miami Beach, Miami Beach Police Officer Ernesto Rodriguez said in a Twitter thread Saturday. Officers were alerted to traffic concerns about 11:52 p.m., and suspects fled after they arrived.

Suspects were eventually caught and arrested on narcotics felonies, according to Rodriguez.

“The MBPD is monitoring these groups and will proactively attempt to deter these events in the future,” Rodriguez said. “It was a very busy night in Miami Beach. Over a dozen arrests were made in the late evening alone.”

Video recorded by Miami-based artist Havi Schanz showed the drivers taking turns making donuts in the center of an intersection for at least seven minutes before police began to arrive and people left the scene.

Multiple people were seen on the video walking very close to the cars while they were driving, seemingly recording them on camera.

Police confirmed an Instagram account they suspect belongs to the group to NBC News on Sunday. Posts reviewed by NBC News showed videos of cars engaging in similar stunts as those seen in Schanz's video, with posted meeting times in the Miami area and Instagram stories offering new locations through private message requests.