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Armored truck dispenses 11 grand; good Samaritan stands guard until police arrive

You've probably had the dream: You're behind an armored truck on the highway, and it starts spewing out money.

That happened Tuesday to Patricia Wesner, executive director of the Pember Library and Museum in Granville, N.Y.

But unlike you in your fantasy, Wesner did the right thing, NBC station WNYT of Albany, N.Y., reported.

Wesner said that as the Brinks armored truck passed her on a bumpy stretch of Route 22 near Salem, she thought to herself, "Wouldn't it be great if money started pouring out?"

Then it did.

And rather than grab up the cash — $11,000 in all — Wesner got out of her Toyota Sequoia, called police and guarded the money until they arrived.

"I never even thought that I would put anything in my pocket," she said.

Police caught up with the truck and let the crew know they were driving a mobile ATM. Investigators said the truck's door probably malfunctioned.

In all, police counted 70 bags of $1 bills, six boxes of quarters, two boxes of dimes, two boxes of nickels and 12 boxes of pennies. Wesner, meanwhile, drove off to get lunch, she told WNYT — and didn't have enough cash on her to pay for it.

That's not the only reason Wesner could have used the money. For almost 22 years, she's been head of the nonprofit Pember Museum, which she told WNYT has always had to scrimp.

But "it's stealing if you take something that's not yours," she said. "It didn't belong to me."

There's no word yet on whether Wesner will get a reward. But the philanthropically minded can donate to her museum here.

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