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Atlanta-area teen stole nearly $1M from Kroger grocery store over 2 weeks, police say

The teen spent two weeks creating over 40 fake returns in order to obtain over $980,000, police say.

A 19-year-old Atlanta-area teen was arrested Thursday by Gwinnett County police and has been accused of stealing nearly $1 million from a Kroger grocery store.

Police said Tre Brown spent two weeks creating over 40 fake returns to obtain over $980,000 while he was employed at the Steve Reynold Blvd. Kroger between December and January, according to a statement.

The returns ranged from $75 to over $87,000 for non-existent items and were placed on several credit cards, detectives said. Corporate employees noticed the transactions and contacted police.

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Further investigation showed Brown appears to have used the money to buy clothes, guns, shoes and two cars, police said. Prior to his arrest, police said Brown totaled one of the cars.

A large sum of money was returned after Brown's arrest, but the amount is unknown, according to police. Brown has been charged with theft.

No attorney was immediately listed for Brown.