Authorities Hunting for Two Escaped Inmates in Florida Panhandle

Authorities in the Florida panhandle are searching for two inmates who escaped from a transport van on Monday morning.

30-year-old Michael Andrew Rotunno escaped on Monday, April 4. Walton County Sheriff

Michael Andrew Rotunno, 30, and James Thomas Banks, 28, were being transported to a facility in Jackson, Minnesota, when the van they were in made a stop at the Walton County Jail, according to a statement from the Walton County Sheriff's Office. Sometime after that stop, the two inmates fled, according to the statement.

The sheriff's office is asking residents in the 100-plus miles between Walton County and Leon County to keep an eye out for the inmates but said not to approach them if they're spotted.

31-year-old James Thomas Banks escaped on Monday, April 4. Walton County Sheriff

Rotunno has been charged with larceny in a building, and delivering and manufacturing narcotics less than 50 grams, according to the sheriff's office. Banks has been charged with unarmed robbery, escape from a felony jail and conspiracy to escape from a felony jail.

Editor's note: An earlier version of this story said Banks is 31; the correct age is 28.