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Baby babble or the b-word? Toys 'R' Us doll receives complaints

They play. They giggle. But, then, say some angry consumers, the You and Me Play and Giggle Triplet dolls say "OK, crazy b****."

The adorable-looking dolls, clad in their pajamas with matching nightcaps, make babbling sounds and move their heads and are made exclusively for the Toys "R" Us brand, reported on Monday. The store defended the product and said what customers claim they are hearing is a misunderstanding.

"Obviously we would not sell a doll that uses profanity. What you’re hearing is just baby babble...There are no plans to pull it off the shelves," Toys “R” Us spokeswoman Jennifer Albano told the NBC Philadelphia's Lu Ann Cahn.

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But others disagreed. An Oaklyn, N.J., grandmother, Pauline Davis, had bought the Giggle Triplets as a last-minute gift on Christmas Eve and was appalled when she got home to test out the dolls before giving them to her grandchildren, the website reported.

“I'm stunned ... There’s no mistake about it. The baby does use the B-word that ends in H,” Davis said.

Davis called up the Cherry Hill, N.J. store where she bought the dolls. The store apologized to her, Davis told NBC Philadelphia.

"They were appalled," Davis said. "But it still doesn't change things. Who released this doll?"

NBC Philadelphia went to the Cherry Hill Toys "R" Us to test out the dolls and found them on sale, all saying the same thing. Toys "R" maintained the toy wasn't using profanity, and said they had no plans to take it off shelves.