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Bachelorette Party Missing After Hurricane Odile Turn Up Safe

The bachelorette party of eight from Fresno, California, became stranded after Hurricane Odile slammed the Baja California peninsula over the weekend.

Eight California women missing since Monday after Hurricane Odile hit their bachelorette party in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, are safe and have made it back to California, a relative told NBC News on Wednesday night. The women's carefree weekend turned into a nightmare for relatives who lost contact with them Monday night, the last time they were heard from before the family member broke the news during an interview that the party had made it safely to San Diego and were awaiting a flight home.

Shaun Sumpter of Fresno later confirmed on Facebook that his wife, Crystal, one of the bridesmaids, was in San Diego:

The party of eight left Thursday from Fresno and arrived at the Villa Del Arco hotel just before Odile clobbered the popular resort Sunday night, Shaun Sumpter told NBC News. "They didn't know how bad it was going to be, and by the time they got there, it got worse," he said.

Local officials estimated Tuesday that it would take two days to get the 30,000 tourists out who had been placed into temporary refuges and functioning hotels, The Associated Press reported. Much of the region remains without power, water and phone service, leaving those in the area without a way to reach home.

Sumpter expressed frustration with the "black hole" of information for those stranded in Mexico and their families anxiously waiting to hear that they are safe. "I could have driven down there by now," Sumpter said Wednesday. "It's ridiculous to have this many Americans unaccounted for."



— Ric Romo, Erik Ortiz and M. Alex Johnson