Bear Cub Ventures Into Oregon Rite Aid

Caught on Camera: Bear Cub in Aisle Three 0:37

Angina prescription? Check. Lottery ticket? Check. Bear cub? Check it out!

Lucky customers at an Ashland, Oregon, Rite Aid were treated to an unbearably cute moment when a month-old cub dropped by the store and raced through the aisles. The cub was first spotted in a nearby hotel. Witnesses said nothing there held his interest, so he hopped out a window, crossed the street and wandered inside the store, according to KGW, NBC News' affiliate in Portland.

KGW reported that the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife took over care of the cub until he can be moved to a rehab center or a zoo. Authorities said he cannot be placed back in the wild, because of his contact with humans.

— Patrick Garrity