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Beechcraft Baron Crashes in Palos Hills, Illinois, Killing Three

The aircraft crashed in the Chicago suburb of Palos Hills, Illinois, where it narrowly missed homes on a residential street.
Emergency responders near the scene where a small plane crashed in a Chicago suburb.
Emergency responders near the scene where a small plane crashed in a Chicago suburb.Courtesy Fernanda Villegas

Three people died when a plane crashed in a residential street in a Chicago suburb, authorities said. Deputy Chief James Boie said the twin-engine Beechcraft Baron narrowly missed homes when it came down in Palos HIlls, Illinois, at 10:40 p.m. local time Sunday (11:40 p.m. ET). It had just departed from Chicago Midway International Airport and was flying to Lawrence, Kansas, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

The FAA said early Monday all three people on board were confirmed dead. Dimitri Drossos was among those who took to social media after hearing the crash. "It got real tonight," he wrote. "A small airplane flew incredibly low over my parents' house. Sounded as if it was running out of/ran out of fuel and ultimately crashes one block from their house. Thoughts and prayers to the families of the people inside the plane." College student Russ Ventimiglia, 20, who lives less than a mile from the crash site told NBC News it "sounded exactly like a plane going down in a cartoon." He added: "I didn't hear the impact so I thought it was nothing until I heard the news.”


- Alexander Smith