Bill Cosby Trial: Long Deliberations Not Unusual in High-Profile Cases

The jury in Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial has deliberated for more than 48 hours without a verdict. Here's how long it took jurors in some other high-profile cases:

O.J. Simpson, acquitted of murder in 1995: 4 hours

R. Kelly, acquitted of child pornography in 2008: 7 hours

Bill Cosby to Martha Stewart: How Long Do Juries in Big Trials Deliberate? 1:02

Mike Tyson: convicted of rape in 1992: 9 hours

Casey Anthony, acquitted of murder in 2011: 10 hours

Martha Stewart, convicted of obstructing justice in 2004: 12 hours

George Zimmerman, acquitted of murder in 2013: 16.5 hours

Jerry Sandusky, convicted of sexual abuse in 2012 : 21 hours

Phil Spector, convicted of murder in 2009: 30 hours

Michael Jackson, acquitted of child molestation in 2005: 32 hours

Robert Blake, acquitted of murder in 2005: 35 hours

Aaron Hernandez, convicted of murder in 2013: 36 hours

Aaron Hernandez, acquitted of murder in 2017: 36 hours

John Edwards, mistrial on campaign finance charges in 2012: 54 hours