Black Bear Attacks Florida Man, Kills His Dog

Bear Attacks Man, Kills Dog 1:28

A Florida man narrowly escaped Monday night after a bear attacked him while he was walking his dog — which sadly didn't survive the mauling.

Alan Bryant was with his 2-year-old Yorkie in Orange City when the bear attacked.

"He knocked me down with one swipe and ripped my jeans. I’ve got bruises," Bryant told NBC Orlando affiliate WESH. "My wife is thankful that he didn’t get me. It’s just a terrible thing."

Bryant's wife, who was watching from their house, screamed and scared off the bear.

Byrant told police that his dog ran to the back of the house after he had let it outside to use the bathroom. When Bryant followed the dog, he saw a three-foot tall black bear on all fours. Bryant tried to run back into the house, but the bear caught up with him.

Orange City police told NBC News that it is very common to see bears in the area, but they are usually just curious about food and will dig through garbage cans for a free meal.

Black bears are the only type of bear that live in Florida. Since 1990, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission has had 49,000 calls about bear sightings, yet only two percent were because of threats towards humans or animals. Seventy percent were related to bear sightings in residents' yards or garbage cans.

WESH reported that the FWC has set up traps in the area.