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Black middle school student forced to drink urine in bullying incident, mother says

The Plano Independent School District in Texas and the local police department are investigating the allegations.
Haggard Middle School.
Police are investigating allegations of bullying against a Haggard Middle School student in Plano, Texas.via NBCDFW

School officials and local police are investigating a Texas mother's allegations that her son, a Black middle schooler, was repeatedly bullied and forced to drink urine by a group of students.

The mother, Summer Smith, detailed the alleged abuse in a lengthy Facebook post on Wednesday. Her son, SeMarion Humphrey, is a student at Haggard Middle School in Plano, a suburb of Dallas.

"Imagine being a happy kid who loves making people smile and having a good time... Imagine your classmates and football team members turning on you and targeting you," Smith wrote. "Imagine a group of those same football team members attacking you in the locker-room with a belt... Imagine being hit in the private area and when you tell an adult you are told 'boys will be boys.'"

The mother went on to write that her son's inhaler was taken by a coach, he was called racial and homophobic slurs, attacked with a BB gun, and forced to drink urine from a cup.

"Imagine being forced to drink the urine of not only a boy who thought was your friend, but his friends...Imagine the video of you drinking the urine being sent to multiple people in your school...Imagine the school telling you they can't do a thing about it because 'the incidents didn't all take place on campus,'" the Facebook post reads. "My son doesn't have to imagine these things, they are all his reality."

Smith also shared two videos, including one that appears to show her son sitting on the floor as another person forces him to drink from a cup filled with yellow liquid. Several people can be heard in the background laughing.

It's not clear what happened before or after the video and NBC News has not verified or confirmed the claims that the boy was forced to drink urine. A GoFundMe set up on behalf of the family says the alleged incident happened at a recent sleepover at a student's house.

Kim Cole, an attorney for the family, said she thinks the incident was "a racially motivated hate crime."

"SeMarion was bullied at school for over a year. So much so that he had to quit playing football, which he loved," she wrote in a Facebook post on Friday.

The Plano Independent School District said it first became aware of the alleged incident on Tuesday "and is working with the campus and local law enforcement to actively investigate the matter."

"Our district does not tolerate or condone bullying or harassing behavior, and is taking prompt and remedial action to address concerns," the district said in a statement.

School officials said they could not discuss possible intervention or disciplinary actions because the matter involves students.

In a Facebook post, the police department said the case has been assigned to a juvenile detective.

"The Detective and School Resource Officer will continue to work with Plano ISD officials to conduct a full and thorough investigation in an effort to identify any criminal offenses that might have occurred during and prior to this incident," Plano police said.

A phone call and email to Cole were not immediately returned Friday. Smith joined her attorney and others for a press conference Friday afternoon.

"This is not a prank," Smith said. "This is beyond bullying."