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June 1 coverage of nationwide unrest and ongoing protests

George Floyd's death has sparked protests across the country.
Image: People run as police disperse demonstrators during a protest amid nationwide unrest following the death in Minneapolis police custody of George Floyd, in Washington
People run as police disperse demonstrators during a protest amid nationwide unrest following the death in Minneapolis police custody of George Floyd, in Washington, May 31, 2020.Jim Bourg / Reuters

This live coverage has now ended. Continue reading June 2 coverage of George Floyd's death and the nationwide protests.

After a weekend of protests over the killing of George Floyd in Minnesota, Americans on Monday began the process of cleaning up after riots left damage in major cities, including Chicago and Philadelphia.

President Donald Trump expressed his ire over the protests to governors during a White House videoconference, telling them that “most of you are weak” and calling them "fools." He announced from the Rose Garden on Monday that he would use the U.S. military to stop the riots as sirens wailed and flash-bang grenades popped just across the street.

Floyd's younger brother, Terrence, cried and knelt in prayer at the site of the man's death, along with expressing hope that protests would continue peacefully.

"If I’m not over here wilin’ out, if I’m not over here blowing up stuff, if I’m not over here messing up my community — then what are y’all doing? Nothing, because that’s not going to bring my brother back at all," he said.

An independent autopsy requested by Floyd's family declared his cause of death to be mechanical asphyxia, contradicting a report Hennepin County medical examiner. The county's report said Monday that his cause of death was “cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression."

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1024d ago / 1:18 AM UTC

Driver who plowed through Minneapolis protest may have 'panicked'

1024d ago / 1:14 AM UTC

Sacramento mayor estimates at least $10 million in damage

1024d ago / 1:09 AM UTC

NYPD top cop takes a knee with protesters

1024d ago / 1:02 AM UTC

Empire State Building going dark to honor Floyd

1024d ago / 12:40 AM UTC

Matt Gaetz tweet on hunting antifa hit with warning from Twitter for glorifying violence

1024d ago / 11:56 PM UTC

Trump stands in front church, holds Bible after threatening military action against protesters

1024d ago / 11:49 PM UTC

As protests sweep nation, research finds social distancing most effective at slowing coronavirus spread

1024d ago / 11:45 PM UTC

Trump says he will deploy military if state officials can't contain protest violence

, and

1024d ago / 11:40 PM UTC

Omaha prosector says white bar owner killed black protester in self-defense

1024d ago / 11:22 PM UTC

Protest outside White House broken up with flash bangs by mounted police

1024d ago / 11:15 PM UTC

ViacomCBS channels air almost nine minutes of 'I can't breathe' video

1024d ago / 11:08 PM UTC

NYPD officer appears to brandish gun at protesters; mayor calls it 'absolutely unacceptable'

1024d ago / 10:33 PM UTC

George Floyd death ruled a homicide by medical examiner

1024d ago / 9:54 PM UTC

Officers cut off blood and air flow to George Floyd's brain, causing his death, independent autopsy says

1024d ago / 9:03 PM UTC

'That's not going to bring my brother back': George Floyd's brother calls for end to violence

1024d ago / 8:58 PM UTC

Louisville police chief fired after officer bodycams found to be off during fatal shooting

1024d ago / 7:58 PM UTC

New York City will be under curfew, NYPD to double its presence

1024d ago / 6:35 PM UTC

Image: 'Stop killing us'

1024d ago / 6:00 PM UTC

Minnesota governor: 'I was breathless' watching truck drive into protest

1024d ago / 5:47 PM UTC

Nearly 67,000 National Guard soldiers, airmen activated in U.S. to respond to Floyd protests, COVID-19

1024d ago / 5:46 PM UTC

Corporate America grapples with what to say — or whether to say anything at all

1024d ago / 5:40 PM UTC

Prayer circle forms at George Floyd memorial in Minneapolis

1024d ago / 5:33 PM UTC

'You have to dominate': Trump lashes out at 'weak' governors, urges stronger police tactics

, and

1024d ago / 5:12 PM UTC

Video shows El Paso officers taking a knee with protesters

1024d ago / 4:54 PM UTC

After night of 'significant damage,' D.C. Mayor Bowser imposes earlier curfew

1024d ago / 4:01 PM UTC

Washington police made 88 arrests Sunday night — half for felony rioting

1024d ago / 3:53 PM UTC

Police officer charged in George Floyd's death moved to facility outside Minneapolis

1024d ago / 3:31 PM UTC

NYC mayor defends daughter, 25, who was arrested

1024d ago / 3:07 PM UTC

Obama praises peaceful protesters, condemns violence at George Floyd protests

1024d ago / 2:48 PM UTC

Facebook employees go public with disagreement over Zuckerberg's handling of Trump


1024d ago / 2:45 PM UTC

Biden visits Delaware church to talk with community leaders

1024d ago / 2:06 PM UTC

'No major incidents' on Sunday night, Atlanta police say

1024d ago / 1:54 PM UTC

Communities look to clean up after Sunday protests

1024d ago / 1:50 PM UTC

A weekend of protest across America

, and

1024d ago / 1:38 PM UTC

Emotions run high at scene of Louisville shooting

1024d ago / 12:30 PM UTC
1024d ago / 12:16 PM UTC

Chicago limits access to parts of city center as protest cleanup begins


1024d ago / 12:15 PM UTC

NYPD commissioner 'troubled' by video of cop cars driving into protesters

1024d ago / 12:11 PM UTC

Syrian artists paint mural of George Floyd in Idlib province

1024d ago / 11:40 AM UTC
1024d ago / 11:36 AM UTC

Trump to meet with Barr, governors after weekend of violent clashes between police, protesters

1024d ago / 11:03 AM UTC

China jeers as George Floyd protests sweep U.S.

1024d ago / 10:26 AM UTC

1024d ago / 10:19 AM UTC

Seven police officers in Boston taken to hospital after protests

1024d ago / 10:14 AM UTC

One man dead following shooting at Louisville, Ky., protest


1024d ago / 9:48 AM UTC

Protests over death of George Floyd again turn violent in Raleigh, N.C.

1024d ago / 9:38 AM UTC

Fires near White House extinguished, emergency services say

1024d ago / 9:08 AM UTC

At least 4,400 people arrested in protests nationwide

1024d ago / 8:25 AM UTC

Washington's Gov. Inslee asks for expanded National Guard presence


1024d ago / 7:36 AM UTC

Some police step out to show support for George Floyd demonstrators

1025d ago / 4:50 AM UTC

Fire set at D.C.'s historic St. John’s Episcopal Church

1025d ago / 4:47 AM UTC

Hundreds of peaceful protesters light candles, call for justice in Pasadena, California

1025d ago / 4:12 AM UTC
1025d ago / 4:02 AM UTC

Trump dismissing advice to tone down rhetoric, address the nation

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