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Nov. 24 Covid news: Vaccines seek approval; States extend restrictions and mask mandates

Nov. 24 Covid updates about vaccines, travel restrictions and mask mandates. States restrictions for safety and travel extend as U.S. coronavirus cases rise.
Health workers and relatives carry the body of a Covid-19 victim for cremation in New Delhi on Nov. 19, 2020.Manish Swarup / AP

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853d ago / 11:17 AM UTC

Travelers wear face coverings amid rush to see family for Thanksgiving

853d ago / 6:28 AM UTC

Live entertainment starting to return to Atlantic City casinos

853d ago / 4:54 AM UTC
853d ago / 3:50 AM UTC

Tennessee won't require vaccines for its students

853d ago / 2:55 AM UTC

Cleveland customer surprises restaurant with $3,000 before closure

853d ago / 2:37 AM UTC

Tokyo governor: Japan can host Olympics despite virus spike

853d ago / 2:05 AM UTC

Airports packed with Thanksgiving travelers as cases surge

853d ago / 1:14 AM UTC

ICU doctor recreates dying patient's view of intubation to urge people to take Covid seriously

853d ago / 1:06 AM UTC

Without changes, Colorado's deaths could more than double by end of year

853d ago / 1:00 AM UTC

El Paso announces curfew for holiday weekend as county needs 13 mobile morgues

853d ago / 12:07 AM UTC

Dozens of Air Force nurses arrive in North Dakota as Covid surges

853d ago / 12:01 AM UTC

Zoom lifting 40-minute call limit on Thanksgiving as CDC warns against holiday travel

853d ago / 11:37 PM UTC

Massachusetts preparing to reopen field hospital to treat Covid patients

853d ago / 11:14 PM UTC

Los Angeles asks travelers arriving from out-of-state to sign waiver

853d ago / 11:03 PM UTC

70-year-old nurse who came out of retirement to teach nursing dies of Covid-19

853d ago / 10:44 PM UTC

CDC to shorten length of quarantine for those exposed to Covid-19

853d ago / 10:04 PM UTC

With Broadway dark due to pandemic, TikTok creates viral 'Ratatouille' musical

853d ago / 9:36 PM UTC

Married teachers in Georgia both get Covid-19, husband now on life support

853d ago / 9:16 PM UTC

Thanksgiving rush could strain testing resources at 'dangerous' time

853d ago / 9:08 PM UTC

Louisiana reverses some reopening measures amid Covid surge

853d ago / 9:00 PM UTC

YouTube suspends OANN for violating its Covid-19 policy

853d ago / 8:57 PM UTC

As Ohio Covid hospitalizations surge, officials fear Thanksgiving will push it over the edge

853d ago / 8:34 PM UTC
853d ago / 8:22 PM UTC

YouTuber niece of Illinois mayor criticizes uncle for attending wedding amid Covid-19 surge

853d ago / 7:04 PM UTC
853d ago / 6:51 PM UTC

Princeton University welcomes all students back to campus for Spring 2021

854d ago / 6:40 PM UTC

Texas men charged with trying to sell 50 million nonexistent N95 masks

854d ago / 6:39 PM UTC

Covid antibody treatments may keep patients out of the hospital. Who should get the doses first?

854d ago / 6:29 PM UTC

Family sues after Publix grocery store worker dies from Covid-19

854d ago / 5:57 PM UTC

Covid-19 outbreaks in nursing homes hit record high

854d ago / 5:44 PM UTC

Azar says vaccine distribution could begin around Christmas

854d ago / 5:42 PM UTC
854d ago / 5:31 PM UTC

Trump Administration in talks with Biden transition team on Covid-19 efforts

854d ago / 4:47 PM UTC

As cases surge, Covid-19 test results are taking longer to come back

854d ago / 4:43 PM UTC
854d ago / 4:28 PM UTC

TikToker goes viral for sharing AstraZeneca vaccine trial experience

854d ago / 3:40 PM UTC

6 dead, more than 70 infected in Massachusetts nursing home

854d ago / 2:33 PM UTC

New York City emergency room doctor warns of potentially deadly consequences of Thanksgiving travel

854d ago / 2:20 PM UTC
854d ago / 2:00 PM UTC

E.U. secures 160 million Moderna shots

854d ago / 1:35 PM UTC

Ohio shatters its single-day case record, U.S. counts its 20th day of 100,000-plus cases

854d ago / 1:19 PM UTC
854d ago / 12:18 PM UTC

South Korea toughens Covid-19 restrictions as cases continue to surge


854d ago / 11:32 AM UTC

Japan pauses domestic travel push in two cities as Covid spreads

854d ago / 11:28 AM UTC
854d ago / 11:20 AM UTC

Creating a Covid-19 vaccine is only the first step. Reaching the world is the next.

854d ago / 11:18 AM UTC

England to cut travel quarantines to 5 days with tests

854d ago / 11:17 AM UTC

Swedish watchdog finds serious failures in Covid care at nursing homes

854d ago / 11:13 AM UTC
854d ago / 11:00 AM UTC

Malaysia to shut some factories of world's biggest latex glove maker

854d ago / 10:56 AM UTC

Spain's King Felipe in quarantine after close contact with Covid-19 case

854d ago / 9:26 AM UTC

Australian airline boss wants 'vaccine passport' for travelers