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May 31 coverage of nationwide unrest and ongoing protests

George Floyd's death has sparked protests across the country.
Protesters form a human chain near the 5th Police Precinct during a demonstration in Minneapolis on May 30, 2020.Chandan Khanna / AFP - Getty Images

This live coverage has now ended. Continue reading June 1 coverage of George Floyd's death and the nationwide protests.

Protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd in Minnesota last week continued to intensify across the U.S. Sunday, as protesters broke local curfews to voice frustration over policing in America.

In Minneapolis, a semi-truck was seen barreling toward a massive group of demonstrators on an interstate, though no protesters appear to have been injured in the incident.

Some elected leaders have blamed the violence that has broken out at some protests on organized extremists, though so far they have offered little evidence to support their claims.

President Donald Trump said Sunday that he would designate the radical lefitst group antifa a terrorist organization after earlier attributing the violence to “thugs” who he said were “dishonoring the memory of George Floyd." The comment drew criticism from Keisha Lance Bottoms, the Democratic mayor of Atlanta, and Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C, the Senate’s lone black Republican.

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This live coverage has now ended. Continue reading June 1 coverage of George Floyd's death and the nationwide protests.

1028d ago / 10:59 PM UTC

Customs and Border Protection is deploying agents to confront 'lawless' protesters, acting commissioner says

1028d ago / 10:49 PM UTC
1028d ago / 10:36 PM UTC

Federal officer killed in Oakland during George Floyd protest identified

1028d ago / 10:18 PM UTC

Looting in Santa Monica, California, city extends curfew

1028d ago / 10:04 PM UTC
1028d ago / 9:16 PM UTC

Why are you rallying for George Floyd?

1028d ago / 8:58 PM UTC

'Shame on you': NFL's Roger Goodell slammed for statement on George Floyd protests

1028d ago / 8:38 PM UTC

Protests continue to spread throughout the country

1028d ago / 8:29 PM UTC

Arizona governor issues statewide curfew for the entire week

1029d ago / 8:18 PM UTC

Lawmakers say Trump's comments worsening a bad situation

1029d ago / 7:51 PM UTC

Los Angeles extends curfew for another night

1029d ago / 7:47 PM UTC

European soccer stars use goal celebrations to pay tribute to George Floyd

1029d ago / 7:20 PM UTC

Myrtle Beach mayor declares civil emergency after threat to police department

1029d ago / 7:17 PM UTC

Photo: Washington cleans up in the aftermath of protests

1029d ago / 7:02 PM UTC

Detroit implements Sunday curfew as weekend protest arrests top 100

1029d ago / 6:58 PM UTC

Volunteers gather across the nation to clean up cities after protests

1029d ago / 6:47 PM UTC

Philadelphia prepares to lock down Center City

1029d ago / 6:40 PM UTC

ANALYSIS: Trump envisioned 'American carnage.' Now, he's got it.

1029d ago / 6:19 PM UTC

YouTuber Jake Paul says he wasn't looting after viral video shows him at vandalized Arizona mall

1029d ago / 6:06 PM UTC

Photos: See the fire and fury in protests across America

1029d ago / 5:50 PM UTC
1029d ago / 5:44 PM UTC

Opinion: George Floyd couldn't breathe. We protest because now all of Black America can't either.

1029d ago / 5:40 PM UTC

Trump says he will designate Antifa a terrorist organization as GOP points fingers at extremists

1029d ago / 5:35 PM UTC
1029d ago / 5:29 PM UTC

Illinois activates National Guard after protests leave six shot, one dead

1029d ago / 5:17 PM UTC

Minnesota governor praises peaceful protesters, more than 50 arrests in Minneapolis area

1029d ago / 5:06 PM UTC

Photo: Chicago River bridges remain upright after night of unrest

1029d ago / 5:04 PM UTC

Mayor Bill de Blasio announces probe after video shows NYPD SUVs driving into protest crowd

1029d ago / 4:14 PM UTC

Protests and National Guard response draw comparisons to unrest in 1968

1029d ago / 3:28 PM UTC

D.C., Atlanta mayors call for calm, say 'solution is not to destroy our cities'

1029d ago / 2:39 PM UTC

Target to close 175 stores amid protests

1029d ago / 2:16 PM UTC

NYPD Commissioner decries 'mob' out to co-opt equality movement

1029d ago / 1:20 PM UTC

Netflix, Amazon, Hulu say black lives matter

1029d ago / 1:05 PM UTC

Thousands gather at London protest


1029d ago / 12:35 PM UTC

At least 27 protesters arrested on Saturday night in Seattle

1029d ago / 12:01 PM UTC

Target announces temporary store closures in Minnesota, other states


1029d ago / 11:31 AM UTC

13 Philadelphia Police officers injured in protests

1029d ago / 11:05 AM UTC

San Francisco mayor announces curfew

1029d ago / 10:22 AM UTC

St. Louis County PD shares photos of damage at Ferguson police station

1029d ago / 9:50 AM UTC

Police officers kneel during rally in Coral Gables, Florida

1029d ago / 9:06 AM UTC

Iran's foreign minister criticizes U.S. over death

1029d ago / 8:30 AM UTC

U.S. police failing to respect right to peaceful protest: Amnesty International

1029d ago / 6:19 AM UTC

Crowds hit with tear gas in Las Vegas

1029d ago / 6:12 AM UTC

Man points hunting bow at Salt Lake City protesters

1029d ago / 6:06 AM UTC

Video shows man disarming person with stolen Seattle police rifle

1029d ago / 5:56 AM UTC

California governor declares state of emergency in L.A. County, sends in National Guard

1029d ago / 12:38 AM UTC

Los Angeles shuts down COVID testing centers due to protests