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Boater Rescues Four After Yacht Fire Near Galveston, Texas

Three adults and a six-year-old boy were on board.

Four people were saved by a passing boater after their yacht erupted in flames off the coast of Texas on Saturday, the Coast Guard said.

There were no injuries in the 6:30 p.m. (7:30 ET) incident near the Galveston jetty. Three adults and a six-year-old boy, who were all wearing life vests, were taken to safety.

The yacht's owner said the fire started in the engine, the Coast Guard said. Video of the incident shows the vessel engulfed in flames as it bobs on the water.

The Coast Guard said it was fortunate that "good Samaritans" were on hand to help the rescue.

"It's good that we had a quick response and we were able to save four people," Seaman Jason Hall, one of the Coast Guard crewmen sent to help, said in a statement. "It’s also nice to see that there are good people that are willing to help."

The yacht sunk about an hour after the fire.

A yacht is seen on fire after four people were rescued by a boater in the waters near Galveston, Texas, on Saturday.U.S. Coast Guard