Bobby Rice, Alabama Man, Returns Library Book 63 Years Late

Man Returns Overdue Library Book... 63 Years Late 1:09

An Alabama man has given a whole new meaning to "slow reader" after he showed up at his former high school with an overdue library book that he had checked out 63 years ago.

Bobby Rice found the book — the 1947 novel "Lydia Bailey" — in early October, and wanted to return it. Rice had checked out the book in 1952, from what was then Marshall County High School. The school is now called Guntersville High School.

Guntersville's current librarian, Elishaba Larson, who wasn't even alive when Rice checked out the book, estimated that the fine for the overdue book was probably around $1,500. But she but waived it as a way of saying thanks to Rice for doing the right thing.

"If it's in good condition I'll take it back, absolutely, no matter the time length," Larson told NBC affiliate WGAL. She said she was happy to finally have the book back. "I was really curious to see the content of the book, what type of book it was ... it's probably a first edition," Larson said.

Rice told the station that as a former teacher, he would want his students to return their books.

He was relieved that his fine was waived, but said that he came ready with an excuse just in case: "I'm just a slow reader!"

Rice told the station: "It was a fantastic book, best I can remember."