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Body camera video shows Oklahoma woman hit with stun gun after kicking officer

The 65-year-old woman refused to sign an $80 ticket for a broken tail light before driving away and resisting arrest, according to the footage.

A 65-year-old woman was shot with a stun gun by police after she refused to sign an $80 ticket, drove away during the stop and kicked an officer while resisting arrest, according to body camera footage released by Oklahoma authorities.

The 58-minute video shows a Cashion, Oklahoma, police officer asking a woman to sign an $80 ticket for a broken taillight after she informed him that she had been driving her pickup in that condition for six months.

The woman was identified as Debra Hamil in the video while the officer wrote her the ticket. It's unclear when the incident took place, though police released the video to NBC News on Wednesday.

“Well, I don’t want to sign because I don’t want to do $80," Hamil said to the officer in the video. "I don’t think that I deserve to pay $80 for something that is fixable and I can fix it."

At that point, the officer asked Hamil to exit her truck because she was under arrest. She repeatedly refused to exit and told the officer, "You are full of s--- because you're not placing me under arrest."

Hamil then yells at the man to "shut up" and finally agrees to sign the ticket but the officer informs her "we're beyond that."

Image: Woman tasered and arrested
A woman is tasered by police after refusing to sign a ticket, driving off, and kicking an officer while resisting arrest.Cashion Police Department

Hamil then rolled up her window and drove off, prompting the officer to run to his own car in pursuit of her with his sirens on. The chase lasted about five minutes before Hamil pulled over and the officer approached her car with his gun. The officer then drew his gun and ordered Hamil to exit her truck, but she refused.

"You're not going to do that to me," Hamil told the officer multiple times.

The officer then holstered his gun and appeared to take out his baton before he opened the door to the truck and pulled her to the ground by her arm.

Hamil then refused to put her arms behind her back, rolled over and appeared to kick at the officer.

"I said leave me alone and I mean it," she told the officer.

He then shot her with his stun gun and yelled, "Put your hands behind your back" three times. Hamil again refused to follow the officer's orders and informs him she will stand up.

“No, you will not .... You’re going to get it again," the officer said. He then hit her with a jolt of electricity a second time.

Hamil and the officer talked after she was handcuffed, where she denied trying to run from police. She was then placed in the back of a patrol car to wait for medical evaluation.

Image: Woman tasered and arrested
A woman is electrocuted with a stun gun by police after refusing to sign a ticket, driving off, and kicking an officer while resisting arrest.Cashion Police Department

"You did not have to taser me," Hamil said about 20 minutes into the video.

"You wouldn't comply," the officer responded. "You wouldn't get out and then you tried to kick me. So yes, I did."

"Yeah, I tried to kick you because I'm a country girl," Hamil said. "Because no, I did not appreciate being thrown on the floor."

The Kingfisher County District Attorney's office charged Hamil for one felony assault on a police officer and one misdemeanor for resisting arrest, according to NBC affiliate WGBA-TV. NBC News was unable to reach the district attorney's office for further information on Hamil.

The Cashion Police Department said in a statement that the video was released as part of an Open Records Act request and that it does not comment on pending criminal cases.

"This policy is based upon fundamental fairness and the pursuit of justice so that the matters can be resolved in the court forum instead of in the forum of public opinion," the statement said.