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Bronx principal vows to cancel prom unless all seniors graduate

A Bronx high school principal says prom will be canceled unless every student in the senior class graduates on time, according to a published report.

The College Institute for Math and Science in Bronxdale is on track to have a 90 percent graduation rate, which is substantially above the city's 66 percent average, but principal Shadia Alvarez insists that isn't high enough, reports The New York Post.

Alvarez hung a poster in the hallway near her office last week to emphasize her point. In addition to reiterating her ultimatum, the poster says, according to the Post, "Will there be a Senior Prom? How will you make this happen?"

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Students on track to graduate tell the paper they did make it happen for themselves -- and prom is supposed to be about rewarding those who studied hard and did well, not penalizing them for the potential lapses of their classmates.

And Alvarez is demanding no small feat. Only seven schools in New York City recorded a 100 percent graduation rate in 2012, and all of those schools have special enrollment requirements, reports the Post.

The principal declined the Post's requests for comment, but said through a school staffer that she had no idea which poster the paper was inquiring about. A Department of Education spokeswoman also said she was not aware of the prom poster.