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7 Leaf B&B in Seattle Encourages Customers to Get High During Stay

A new bed and breakfast in Seattle wants customers to be able to "wake and bake" — and indulge in marijuana beyond the morning meal.

A new bed-and-breakfast in Seattle wants customers to be able to "wake and bake."

7 Leaf B&B calls itself a "bud and breakfast" and says it wants to help you "fulfill your mind, your desires, and your curiosity when it comes to food, life and cannabis," according to its reservation page. Rooms start at $140 a night.

Cannabis culture is celebrated in every room, with names like "Bill Bong Thorton's Room" and "The High Cave."

One catch: Guests can't smoke inside, but smoking on the grounds is allowed — if not encouraged — and other methods to partaking in marijuana are available throughout the facility.

One is "edibles," which co-owner and chef Jeremy Cooper whips up with marijuana that guests bring themselves. Recreational marijuana is legal in Washington state.

Cooper operates the SAMICH (Savory Accessory Marijuana Infused Culinary Happiness) food truck, and now lends his cannabis cooking skills to 7 Leaf by spiking his culinary creations with weed-infused oils, butters and spices.

"It's not all about getting high," Cooper told NBC affiliate KING5. "It's truly about an experience and a culture that's been suppressed for 100 years."

7 Leaf isn't the first of its kind. The idea of marijuana-friendly inns and hotels sprouted in Colorado with hotels like Adagio in Denver, which boasts the slogan "We'll keep the bowl burning for you."

"We never want you think that this house is a place to come get hammered and stoned," says the 7 Leaf Airbnb page, with a crucial parenthetical: "It might happen."