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California carpool driver busted with masked mannequin in passenger's seat

The California Highway Patrol shared a photo of the mannequin in a disposable face mask, glasses and a red flannel shirt. It also appeared to have facial wrinkles.

Authorities in California busted a carpool driver with a mannequin who bore an uncanny resemblance to a human.

The California Highway Patrol said the Toyota Tacoma was traveling in the carpool lane on the 210 Freeway in Glendora last Friday, NBC Los Angeles reported. An officer driving next to the Tacoma noticed the passenger wasn't moving and pulled the driver over on suspicion for tinted windows, according to the station.

After rolling down the windows, the driver revealed the passenger was not a real person, the state patrol said. Instead, the driver said he had been driving with the mannequin for more than a year before he was finally caught by the officer, according to the agency.

In a photo shared on the state patrol's Facebook page on Wednesday, the mannequin can be seen wearing a disposable face mask, a Cleveland Indians hat, and a red flannel shirt. It also appeared to have facial wrinkles, glasses and some graying hairs. The mannequin was strapped in a seat belt.

"By far, one of the best dummies we have ever seen," officials said in the post. "At least he was following CDC guidelines by wearing his face mask."

Despite the praise, the officer showed the driver no mercy.

“Nice try, driver," the agency said. "Here’s your ticket!"