California Man Arrested After 3-Day-Old Calf Found in Car

Southern California police searching the car of a man who had an outstanding arrest warrant for narcotics violations found an unlikely illegal object in his backseat Wednesday — a 70-pound calf. Cesar Zamora Santana, 31, was arrested for the possession of a 3-day-old female calf “without ownership documentation,” according to a statement from Riverside County Animal Services. Santana claimed he bought the calf at a gas station for $200, and the infant animal seemed to “have had the identification tags forcefully removed from its ears,” according to the statement. Santana was also booked on the outstanding felony drug charges.

Investigators and animal services officials believe the calf may have been stolen, according to a statement from The Riverside Police Department. Police are asking for anyone with information to come forward. In the meantime, the baby cow will be kept in animal foster care, police said.


— Elisha Fieldstadt