Caught on Camera: New Video Shows America’s Only Known Wild Jaguar

The Only Known Wild Jaguar in U.S. Caught on Video for First Time 0:20

A stunning new video released Wednesday shows a glimpse of the only known wild jaguar currently living in the U.S.

The big cat, dubbed "El Jefe," has been living an elusive life in Arizona, and has been photographed repeatedly by remote sensor cameras in the Santa Rita Mountains over the past few years. But he's never been captured on video — until now.

Two conservation groups, Conservation CATalyst and the Center for Biological Diversity, released the video Wednesday, which shows El Jefe roaming just 25 miles outside of downtown Tucson.

The groups said they have determined that El Jefe is an "adult male jaguar, currently in prime condition."

The groups spent three years tracking El Jefe and finally captured him on video, a rare feat for jaguars, which live a solitary lifestyle.

Most wild jaguars live in remote parts of Central and South America. El Jefe is believed to be the first jaguar in the United States since another one, named Macho B, was euthanized due to capture-related injuries in 2009.

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