Challengers of Gay Marriage Bans Rush Appeals to Supreme Court

Moving unusually quickly, the challengers of state bans on gay marriage say they will all file appeals to the Supreme Court by the end of the day Friday, seeking review of last week’s appeals court decision that upheld bans in four states.

Lawyers for same-sex couples from Ohio were first to file, and lawyers for couples in Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee say they will also have their filings in by Friday night.

All are asking the Supreme Court to reverse last week’s ruling by a panel of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that upheld bans on marriage for gay couples in those states.

The states will have 30 days to respond. So the case could be before the justices by mid-to-late January. If the court agrees by then to hear it, the issue would be argued during the current Supreme Court term.


— Pete Williams