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Chicago children's hospital cancels Batman appearance after Colo. massacre

A Chicago children’s hospital has canceled an appearance by a Batman impersonator over concerns that it could upset kids and their parents in the wake of last week’s mass shooting at an Aurora, Colo., premiere of the new Batman movie.

The staff at Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital gave it “a lot of thought” and “consulted child psychiatrists” before canceling the appearance over worries it “could be upsetting to patients and parents,” hospital spokeswoman Julie Pesch told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Lenny B. Robinson was supposed to appear at the hospital Friday morning with his custom-made Batmobile. He has been visiting kids in hospitals in the Baltimore, Md., area since 2001, and decided to venture out to hospitals nationwide this summer.  

Robinston responded to the tragedy in Colorado in statement last week. 

 “This senseless act of violence has nothing to do with the Warner Bros’ Batman franchise,” Robinson said. “At the heart of the movie is a central heroic figure that gives hope.”

“The shootings in Colorado was a tragic event, but will not stop me from portraying Batman,” Robinson said. “I will continue to portray this iconic superhero, giving courage to sick children around the world that need it most.”

Robinson became a YouTube sensation earlier this year after a video of him getting pulled over police while driving his Batmobile went viral. Police stopped him because his license plate had no numbers, only the Batman symbol.


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