Comey Hearing Watchers Pub Hop, Toast Testimony

The drinks were flowing and news coverage streaming at bars in Washington D.C. and other cities as political watchers tuned in and raised a glass to fired FBI Director James Comey's highly anticipated testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday.

Image: People in DC watching the Comey hearing at bars
At Duffy's Irish Pub, Angela Benander from Michigan, but a D.C. resident, says "I'm glad James Comey is getting his day." She voted for Hillary Clinton. Chandelis Duster / NBC News

In the nation's capital, several bars opened as early as 9:30 a.m. and offered such drinks as $5 Russian vodkas and the "The Comey Hearing Covfefe" cocktail in honor of the befuddling word mistakenly invented by President Donald Trump in a midnight tweet.

Other bars offered a free round of shots anytime the president tweeted.

Those looking for a gratis round were disappointed on that accord — the president's Twitter account remained quiet during the multi-hour public portion of the hearing. Union Pub gave out free beer as a consolation prize since Trump didn't tweet.

The president's son, Donald Trump Jr., tweeted prolifically during the hearing, at one point calling Comey's interpretation of interactions with his father "BS in context."

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People packed the bar at Duffy's Irish Pub, watched the hearing on 15 screens and drank a "Covfefe Cocktail." The bar's confines, with green walls and Irish decor, were so packed that people flowed out onto the sidewalk to watch the hearing on a flat screen.

'It's a Company Town' Comey Hearing Packs DC Bars 1:56

Some people cracked open laptops and worked as they watched.

There was laughter and "oohs and ahhs" as Comey fired off quips.

The bar erupted in laughter when Comey said in his opening he wished Trump the best.

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There were gasps and some laughs when he said he recorded the conversations because had a "gut feeling" the president might lie about the nature of the meetings.

Image: People in DC watching the Comey hearing at bars
People watching the hearing from outside at Duffy's Irish Pub in Washington on June 8. Chandelis Duster / NBC News

Alisha Dickerson from Gainesville, Florida stopped by the bar with her friend to watch “a very entertaining hearing.”

She said her "Covfefe Cocktail" tasted like "impeachment."

Wearing a shirt reading "Comey Is My Homey," Angela Bernander, a Washington D.C. resident and Hillary Clinton supporter, said she wasn't sure whether Comey’s words about what transpired between he and the president will make a difference.

“I’m glad Comey is getting his day,” she said.

Building On Bond in Brooklyn, New York also opened its doors early to a large crowd.

Cafe owner, Phil Morgan, said he’s doing it to “get the community together,” and provide a service. The café also hosted events for the 2008, 2012 and 2016 presidential debates.

Two dogs were also in attendance — Ferdinand and Clara. They had signs that said “Will give loyalty for food,” “Never been to Russia,” and “Never peed on the bed.”

Image: Covfefe cocktail at Duffy's Irish Pub
The "Covfefe Cocktail at Duffy's Irish Pub Chandelis Duster / NBC News

West Coast bars were also pouring drinks early and allowed bar hoppers to tune into the hearing.

And while Clooney’s Pub in San Francisco is used to opening early, it normally doesn't have a turn out like it did today. Not a seat was open as people sipped on coffee, Bloody Mary’s and “Comey-Kazi Cocktails.”

At times the crowd cheered Comey on with one man shouting, “Way to go Jimmy!”

Some clapped in agreement when Comey said if Trump taped him, he should by all means release the tapes.

Aleesha Russey of Washington, D.C. watched part of the hearing while on a break from work. She said the event was “very telling of our justice system and individuals in power.”

“I’m glad this was televised, the transparency was there,” Russey said. “I’m hoping for favorable results, but I’m still looking for potential outcomes of prosecution. This is a democracy and we have a justice system for a reason.”