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TikTok creator Cooper Noriega died of an accidental drug overdose, coroner says

The Los Angeles County medical examiner-coroner reported that Noriega, 19, died of the "combined effects" of multiple medications.

TikTok star Cooper Noriega, whose body was found in a Los Angeles parking lot in June, died of an accidental drug overdose, according to authorities.

Noriega, who was 19, died of the "combined effects" alprazolam, a medication known by its brand name Xanax, fentanyl and lorazepam, which is used to treat anxiety and sleep disorders, the Los Angeles County medical examiner-coroner confirmed to NBC News on Tuesday.

The medical examiner also noted "recent clonazepam use" — a medication known as Klonopin, which is also used to treat anxiety — as a "significant condition."

His death was an accident, the report said. The medical examiner confirmed that Noriega died in the parking lot.

In a now-deleted TikTok video posted hours before his death, Noriega wrote, “who else b thinking they gon d!€ young af”

Cooper Noriega in an image from his Instagram feed.
Cooper Noriega in an image from his Instagram feed.@cooper.noriega

Noriega, who had more than 1.7 million followers, had been candid about his drug use and open about his mental health on social media.

In the days before his death, Noriega announced plans to start a Discord server for discussing mental health experiences. He invited others to find support on the messaging platform.

"I've been struggling with addiction since I was 9-years-old, you may think that's crazy, but that's the life i've been dealt," Noriega said in an Instagram post about the server. "I would like to use the influence I've been given to create a space built on spreading awareness and normalizing talking about mental illness."

The server, "Coop's Advice," is still active. After his death, Noriega's family launched The Coop's Advice Foundation, an organization that "aims to become a leader in the movement to rethink how our society understands and addresses mental health and addiction, especially among members of Gen Z." In the months since, the foundation has sold merchandise to raise funds for various mental health and addiction recovery organizations.

In a Thanksgiving Instagram post, The Coop's Advice Foundation said it is "currently in discussions with a national therapeutic association to provide grants for free individual therapy to those in need," and announced plans to host scheduled discussions with mental health professionals on Discord.

Earlier this month, Noriega's father, Harold Noriega, posted a statement on Instagram.

"We are so THANKFUL for you all. It has been over 5 months since Cooper's passing, and the amount of ongoing support towards what we are in the process of building is truly incredible," he wrote. "With the holiday season upon us, we encourage you to spend time with friends and family, and be there for one another. Be patient, be aware of, and care for those around you."